CrossFit Twins has been a small but strong gym serving North Orange County since 2014. As of recently we have moved into a bigger facility ready to help even more people achieve their fitness and health goals!


Matt Wade

Head Coach & General Manager

Coach Matt has been active his whole life. His involvement in high school football exposed him to a wide variety of strength and conditioning programs–eventually leading to CrossFit. Since then he has had a passion for helping others achieve new levels of health and fitness.

Learn more about Matt by visiting his Instagram: @matty_ice59

Corey Lindsey

Coach & Assistant Manager

Coach Corey is a very competition oriented person. Growing up he was always involved in some sort of sport or physical activity. Not only is he CrossFit certified but, he is also a certified fitness trainer through the International Sport Science Association. He played football and was a wrestler in high school and played D1 rugby at CSU, Fullerton. After his sports career ended he found pleasure in fitness and overall health.

“CrossFit always keeps me coming back for more. The competitive aspect of CrossFit is something that I need in order to keep me honest Along my fitness journey. The most rewarding part of being a Coach and Fitness Trainer is seeing people progress towards their goals. Helping people change their lives for the better is something that I take pride in.”

Learn more about Corey by visiting his Instagram: @coreylindsey11

Alex Alonso


Coach Alex is one of our newest coaches at CrossFit Twins. He Has an extensive background in a variety of high school sports (football, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling). He’s always enjoyed weight lifting more than anything but liked the challenge CrossFit had to offer. After 2 years of being a CrossFit athlete, he started helping others through their own struggles and became a certified coach. Alex also works at one of our local hospitals as an ER Tech assisting RN’s and MD’s with Medical Emergencies.

Learn more about Alex by visiting his Instagram: @dudeitsalexx

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