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Erika Larson

“After years of working out at 24hr Fitness and being packed into a gym with people who didn’t know how to use the machines, and with stagnant results, I was invited to try CrossFit at a friend’s garage gym. From that point three years ago, I was hooked. I loved the challenge and the constant variation in workouts and began to see actual muscle mass form. I’m not very coordinated and was surprised at the things I was accomplishing with hard work. I worked out at my friend’s garage gym for about two years, then joined the very large CrossFit gym that he coached at. It was a big difference from the small group setting and individual coaching I was used to. I was a member at that gym for about a year till I moved to Placentia and the hunt for a new gym was on. I did drop ins at a couple large gyms in the Anaheim area but didn’t really like the atmosphere. I saw a great Yelp deal for CrossFit Twins and couldn’t pass it up. At my first visit to CrossFit Twins I was surprised by how small the gym tucked inside a chiropractor’s office was. But somehow, the coaches were able to make it work! I felt very welcome by the members and liked the coaching style and joined as a member after my Yelp deal was up. I like that form always comes first and that the other members always encourage each other during the workouts. Since joining CrossFit Twins, I’ve PR’d on every single lift and have learned new techniques to help me conquer the skills that I just couldn’t get before or that I just muscled through (I can finally link kipping pull-ups!). Now that there is a new location for the gym, it just keeps getting better! We have a great community at CrossFit Twins and I look forward to coming to the gym even though I know I’m going to get my butt kicked in the workouts!”

Lorena Cardoza

“I made the decision back in October 2016 to start at CrossFit Twins, because frankly, I felt like I had no motivation to go to the gym, I felt weak and was lacking a lot of self confidence. Mind you, I had my hesitations because of things that people had negatively put in my head about CrossFit, but I decided to put those ideas aside and give it a shot. I felt like I literally died and came back to life my first class, but for the first time in a long time, I felt like I actually had gotten a real workout. The first 3 months, I was sort of on and off, coming to classes one week and skipping for the next week or two weeks. However, in between February and March, I had reached a point in my life where my depression and anxiety completely took over and I officially hit rock bottom. I took a leave from work due to some things that were happening, and I started going to CrossFit every day. This quickly became and has become my outlet. When I get to class, I leave my worries, the depression, the anxiety outside of that door and I walk into the gym community that I had longed for, for a very long time. When I start picking up the weight and accomplishing things that I was not able to before, I feel strong, confident and finally like I have control of my life and who I am. Having the most amazing coaches push me every day past my limits yet still acknowledging when my body needs to take it a little easy, makes everything so much better. Having other teammates yelling “You got this!” when I think I can’t go anymore, is such an amazing feeling. I have never really considered myself an athlete per say, but growing up I always wanted to be. Well, CrossFit Twins has given me that opportunity, to feel like an athlete, to work for something and to accomplish my goals. I love this gym and everything it stands for and in a way, I really do feel like it saved my life, so THANK YOU.”

Ricky Castro

“Having been a member of twins for the past two years, I not only found my fitness but a community to be apart of. The coaches here genuinely care about the progress we make and are always there to push and motivate you to improve. I look forward to coming to twins everyday. I couldn’t ask for a better gym community!”

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